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Victory 2 Rescue

V2 Rescue courses are taught by former Military Special Operators & Firefighter Technical Rope Rescue Specialists.

Rescue team in action practicing training for the use of ropes for rescue of high building

Technical Rope Rescue 1

Technical RopRescue 1 will cover the basic fundamentals of Rope Rescue.  Knots, anchors, simple & complex systems, MPD, 540 rescue belay & other essential rescue equipment will be included.

TRR1 will include classroom, hands-on skills & scenarios.

Rescue Workers on mountain ledge setting up a vortex multipod for a practice rescue drill.

Technical Rope Rescue 2

Technical Rope Rescue 2 will build on Rescue 1.  This course will primarily be scenario based

training, emphasizing team integration, leadership & problem solving skill.

TRR2  will include a review of individual skills & scenarios.

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