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Pricing & Payment


Personal Security Assessment

Business Security Assessment


Intelligent Home Defense

Intelligent Business Defense Course


Personal Deterrent & Defense Package


Business Deterrent & Defense Package


Course 1 ~ Self-Aid

Course 3 ~ Winter-Med


Technical Rope Rescue 1
Contact for Pricing

Technical Rope Rescue 2
Contact for Pricing

Payment can be made online or in-person by cash or check.  If paying online contact V2SG for scheduling then make online payment.  If paying in person contact V2SG to schedule date and time.  For group courses contact V2SG  to schedule date, time, location and group size.

Security assessment  pricing is based on the single household or business. Defense and medical course prices are based on the single household or business. Group rates will apply when more than one household, business or individual attends a given course.

Victory 2 Security Group LLC reserves the right to turn down any individual or business for any V2SG service for any reason.


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